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About Tolkien's Army of Middle Earth

About Tolkien's Army of Middle Earth

This is what we have to offer at Tolkien's Army of Middle Earth (TAME): Relaxed fun and a good time.  We are a laid back, pretty casual kin and we don't require that silly recruitment period. We do a fair amount of running as a group, including a lot of end-game stuff (instances, raids, BB etc.), and we enjoy revisiting old favorites (Orthanc, Angmar, Moria etc.) and crafting and fishing. We like to joke around, but in good taste in kin chat. We take all questions in kin chat so no need to venture out to the advice channel. We have members on at all hours of the day, primarily in North America. We are big enough to do raids as a kin, and small enough to know everyone. We are a very tight knit group but accept new members with open arms.

The kin is important to officers and members alike. We like to "pay it forward." Generosity and mutual respect are hallmarks of this kin: we make a point of taking care of each other.

What we'e looking for:

TAME's a great home for players that are laid back and mature, who appreciate good clean joking around, and who are willing to pick on the kin dorfs. They are a rough bunch with food always stuck in their beards... If this seems to be in line with you just check out our Code of Conduct which is found HERE and fill out an application. If all goes well and we seem to be a good fit, then join us. Hope to hear from you soon!

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