We thrive on a very small number of rules. We believe this keeps us moving along well with less drama than most kins deal with. We will have issues creep up on us from time to time and want to take this opportunity to share the vision for TAME.

1. We like a clean kin chat. Mistakes are tolerated. We aren't watching and waiting for a slip. Repeat offenders and constant problems will be dealt with. We want everyone to relax and enjoy their time in game.

2. We like to give and we like to see people giving. To this end our rules are to protect those making their time and possessions available to others. Don't take what you can't use, and use soon. Don't take multiple identical items if others can use. Don't resell or profit from items given to you from a kin member.

Both of those rules are centered around respect for your fellow kinmates. We refrain from adult content to respect those that don't like that. We abstain from greed because we honor those being generous. We spell it out a little to remove the confusion from newer members, but when it comes down to it we essentially have but one rule. Respect all whom you meet in Middle Earth. Let your footprints in game make this virtual world a better one.

We try hard as a group of officers to not micromanage, and over multiple events we all keep each other in check very well. But one thing that we agree on unanimously is that TAME will be a place of respect. We can respectfully disagree, we can honorably argue, but the manner in which we treat each other is what has, does, and will set us apart from other kins.

We are very proud when we fail an instance and fun was still had. We are very happy when a kinnie wins an item we all wanted. Tolkien wrote a saga about good triumphing over evil against insurmountable odds... and we are his army.

When those moments occur that test our measure as a kin, please remember the following...

1. Give the benefit of the doubt when there is room for doubt.
2. Keep emotions out of it. Stick with the facts.
3. Talk to the person that you are struggling with. Be, open, honest, and fair.
4. If an agreement can't be reached, contact an officer.

Big no-no's

1. Keep it out of public chat. No one wins when an argument goes public. Use tells or join a fellow with the person. Voice chat may help so text inflection isn't misinterpreted.
2. Keep the focus on the problem, not the person. You start to lose and lose quickly when it becomes a personal issue. Name calling, blaming, etc.

One more thing to note: our Kin Craft Weekends, held once per month. Information can be found HERE

Thanks to all for making TAME such a great place to be.