What is Kin Crafting Weekend?


Kin Crafting Weekend (KCW) is an opportunity for each kin member to give and receive.  While we always try to be helpful, once a month we set aside special time to clear out our vaults, use our crafting skills, and offer up our items to kinnies that can truly use them.  Since this is kin only, we don't make a profit as this is a time to share and help.  You will typically find pricing at or below the costs to make them. 


Am I allowed to sell items for profit?


KCW is reserved as a time to donate, give, and be generous.  It's not a time to try and make some money.  However, KCW is only 1 weekend out of every month.  At any other time you are free to post items for whatever cost you deem appropriate.  We don't police what people sell their items for, but the spirit of the event is one of selflessness.  KCW should work both ways to everyone's benefit.  You may be able to pick up that last recipe, set of tools, perfect LI, crafting mats, etc. very cheap, and then be able to help someone else with your great sales. 


 Can I buy anything I want?


Yes and No.  The general rule of thumb is that you should need it and be able to use it in a relatively short amount of time.  If the next crafting day rolls around and you didn't use the item yet, than you should not have bought it as someone else could have used it.  You need to be the correct class, close to the item level, and generally need it to make a purchase.  If you meet the criteria, then have no reservations about making a purchase, even if the price seems too good to be true (It should be too good to be true... its from your kinnes!).  The only other thing to consider is buying in quantities.  We want everyone to benefit from KCW so if you buy a stack of food, leave the rest of the same food type for others to be able to buy from.  When you see a bunch of identical auctions, just buy one so others can join in.  If nothing sells, contact the seller and let them know you are interested in the leftovers. 


Can I resell items I obtained from a kinnie?


No!  Just to be clear, no item obtained from a kinnie can be resold.  If you can't use the item, offer it back to the seller.  We are a very laid back kin, but reselling an item that your fellow kinnie provided is very likely the fastest way to become un-TAMEd.  We almost exclusively have very few problems with this rule, but since the rules are to protect our kin-mates, it is here in black and white should a problem occur.


What if I have an alt?


If the alt is in TAME, then log them in and buy the item!  Its what the event is for.  If the alt is not in TAME, then we expect that you will respect the event and not purchase items for that alt.  We love our kinnies and want to see their efforts build up our active members.  There is nothing wrong with having a toon somewhere else for many good reasons, but that toon becomes inelegible for KCW items.  You are still free to ask for items and work within the kin to help that toon, but any item bought on KCW is intended for TAME members. 


What types of things can I sell?


Anything you like.  If LOTRO will allow you to post it on the AH, then it is fair game for this event.  Just remember the intent for the KCW event is to cut a kinnie a break and let them find some good deals.  We have seen foods, clothing, cosmo, legendary items, relics, scrolls, crafting mats, etc.  You don't have to craft anything, but you certainly can if you want to.


What if someone contacts me from outside of the kin?


This happens.  Unfortunately, LOTRO still shows kin only auctions to the entire server.  When someone sees a mithril flake or Star-lit Crystal for 5 silver, they get curious.  Occasionally people will try and contact the sellers and attempt to barter for the item.  We ask that you not negotiate with these people.  Items bought are not allowed to be resold under any circumstances.  That is disrespectful to both the person that sold the item intended for a kinnies use and it is disrespectful to the kinnies that could have bought and used the item.  Politely tell the requester, "no thanks, it stays in kin".  If they persist you can either put the person on ignore or contact a GM for harrassment. 


How do I post items for KCW?


You can post items just like you normally would from any auction hall.  Make sure to set the duration for 48 hours and then check the box that says "Kinship Only".  When you check that box, only members of TAME will be able to place bids, and the auction will show for anyone filtering for kin only auctions. 


Do we recruit during KCW?


No.  As mentioned above, people can see our generosity and some folks might think to take advantage of us.  To protect our kin members we don't recruit from Friday - Sunday during the crafting event.  If someone is serious about joining TAME, they will appreciate that we protect our members and can take an invite after the weekend.  We will always invite alts as those are already trusted kin members.  If you have a very close friend or family member that you can vouch for, we may make an exception as we want TAME to remain a family that everyone enjoys logging in to.  Worst case secnario, someone new only has to wait 2 days for an invite.


What if I have items I want to make available and its not KCW?


We have a few options for this scenario.  First, the kin AH is always open.  However people may not always check there.  We would encourage people to use the kin AH all month long, but maybe make an announcement in kin chat and even on the forums to let people know you loaded it up.  You can also link items in kin chat directly. 


What happens if I think rules are being broken? 


This is rare, and we hope you never see somone taking advantage of others.  Remember the only things we ask are that you not buy out entire collections of the exact same item, that you are able to use what you buy, and that you don't profit from a kinnie.  If you see these rules being broken, please contact an officer with the name of the person and details on what happened.  Remeber that when an auction is posted in Kin Only, the buyers of your items will be named in the emails the AH generates for each sale.  Also, use good discretion.  If you posted 10 stacks of food and someone bought 2 maybe that wasn't as bad as somone buying all 10.  Or if someone is 10 levels below an item... maybe thats not as bad as being 40 levels below.